Company services

Construction Company "E5", the customer-builder, strictly follows the rules of construction and mounting of production and turnaround time by conducting a full technical supervision over construction.

Implementation of customer functions

«E5» The Company acts as the customer-builder, fully performing the following functions:

  • Preparation, coordination and control of construction documents;
  • Obtaining permits for construction of the facility;
  • Site preparation work;
  • Obtaining technical conditions for connection to networks and communications;
  • Organization of construction and installation work and construction management;
  • Financial monitoring of the project;

We offer full preparation of design and estimate documentation, qualified staff and work with reliable subcontractors.
We do search, reception and registration of the necessary materials and equipment.
We do control of the proper execution of the project and the use of funds.

Customer-developer strictly follows the rules of construction and mounting of production and turnaround time by conducting a full technical supervision over the construction of:

  • Controlling of works and their compliance with design solutions;
  • Version control or performance requirements of field supervision of project organization;
  • Controlling defects production and quality of the materials used;

Once the volume of construction and signed acts will be committed work performed, the customer carries out the acceptance of the object and put it into operation, requesting permission for this procedure have executive authority. At the same time, the Company «E5» independently prepare documents confirming the conformity of an object with all the requirements of technical regulations, its layout with respect to engineering maintenance networks and other necessary arrangements, then made the facility to operate.

Technical supervision and building control

Construction work requires complete control of the project in order to optimize the process and meet deadlines. Technical supervision ensures strict compliance with the rules of work and their compliance with the project documentation, allows you to monitor the progress of construction, and the allocated budget. Company "E5" is ready to implement any project, taking on the full range of design documentation, its coordination and expertise. Due to the high qualification of specialists and experience, we guarantee full compliance with the design and technical plan, compliance with the requirements of state facilities and the quality of constructed facilities.

"E5" The Company provides professional assistance, conducting surveillance, fully optimizing the process of construction and repair and finishing works, material consumption, capital investment, compliance with building standards and strict compliance of design and estimate documentation. Professional technical supervision of the constructed facilities provides the ability to perform quality checks of selected materials, as well as an independent assessment of compliance with the technologies used.
Company "E5" attracts highly qualified subcontractors, using the latest construction technology and methods of quality control processes.

Technical supervision and building control - is:

  • Development of design documentation, coordination of the timing of work;
  • Consulting;
  • Control of execution of works in accordance with the project documentation;
  • Checking the quality of work;
  • Control of construction time, indicated in the Contract;
  • Testing of building materials used for compliance with the design and estimate documentation;
  • The timely removal of defects;
  • Control of the completed stages to meet the requirements of SNIP and GOST;
  • Validation of reference of executive documentation;
  • The signing of the acts of the hidden works examination and hydraulic test and signing the relevant instruments;
  • Acceptance of the object and commissioning.


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